Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Ka'iulani Board

Aloha and welome to this LEGENDARY SURFERS chapter on the the replica of the surfboard owned and ridden by Hawaiian Princess Victoria Ka‘iulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawekiui Lunalilo, otherwise known to us as Princess Ka'iulani (1875-1899). The replica was built by Legendary Surfer Wally Froiseth in conjunction with his fellow Hot Curl rider Fran Heath and others. It was finished in 2001. I wrote about it circa 2005.
One correction I must add to the chapter came to my attention from Bart Potter, in 2009: 

"I'm the one who split Wally's koa plank in two at my millsite in Kipapa Gulch. In the text there is mention of Papa Gulch--I'm guessing someone transcribed a conversation and a syllable was lost in the translation because Wally certainly knows the name of the gulch though I wouldn't expect him to remember my name. I did not supply him with the thick slab, just cut it in two for him. 

 "The conjectures of Wally keeping an eye on things are right on--he was very attentive to the process and I asked him at every step of the way if he approved of the next step. We did a test cut on another piece of wood so he could be assured the saw would cut in a straight line, we dogged the slab on the mill, shimming it a little so that the blade would cut parallel to the best face, checked the entry and exit points before making any cut. When we let 'er rip, the slabs came out very nice." 

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